Locke (bewarethecows) wrote in kdp_airship,

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My beautiful air-MY STUFF!!!!

Ertai ran to try and keep up, dragging the massive bag-o-stuff, speaking quietly to himself, "Why am I always told to follow when I'm carrying stuff?"

Locke raised his sword to where the hole was where the wheel was supposed to go, stabbing it down in it to prevent them from heading that way for a little bit, gripping it tightly as it began to glow red and become very hot. He dived out of the cockpit, down the ladder straight down without climbing, more of a guided fall. He landed and rolled forward, running down the hall and running into his room to find the parasites all through his stuff, "NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" He kicked one of the parasites into another one. "GET AWAY FROM MY GUITAR!!!" He grabbed another parasite and threw it way from his guitar and started kicking and thrashing at them, "GET AWAY FROM MY STUFF!!! AUGH!" He aimed and threw a holy ball in the center of the room to try and get them away, but it inverted and blew up in his face. "What is up with my magic?!"
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