Locke (bewarethecows) wrote in kdp_airship,

My ship! My beautiful beautiful ship!

Locke ran out of there, and into the main hall-way. He swung around and grabbed the ladder and climbed up to the cockpit of the ship to check on the instruments, and to see if the parasites could be detected and such. He pushes the button to turn everything on, which it does, flickers and goes offline. "NO!" He walks up to the sensor console and starts pushing buttons "NO NO NO NO!!!" He kicks the console hard and goes to another one, trying to get it back online. He ran to the engine and navigation console, and started pushing buttons to try and get the engine to start something, anything, before he slammed his fist into the console. "NO!" He started having a tantrum of sorts pulling on the wheel, before it came out of its place and he fell back and flat onto his back, on the other side of the room. "Ow..."

Ertai was walking along, when he noticed seffie running by towards the town, he had his sword unsheathed and resting on his shoulder, it had his last name etched upon the flat of the blade and the hilt was black with what looked like flames drawn onto it off-set by the saphire pommel stone. Behind him he was dragging a rather large bag of what seemed to be assorted objects waiting to be sold off. "Where's she off to in such a hurry...? Only one way to find out..." He sighed and realized something "I really need to stop talking to myself, people already think i'm crazy enough when I tell them I've seen a bunch of gods and personally met two of them...and was cursed by another one but he just sucked..." He gripped the bag and ran after Seffie to find out where she was headed in such a hurry.
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