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So. People. And by People I mean in the, "The only two who are reading this" sense.

It's been almost a year since we've done anything with this. And that makes me, baby jesus(whiney bitch), The Midget's from the Safety Dance Video, the entire cast of Seinfeld, and Steven Tyler cry.

So I have a proposition.

I say we start posting in here, damn it.

This could be fun. You know it could be. YOU KNOW! That it could. Yes.

So. Who's with me? Can you go the distance? Can you go for speed? Racing and pacing and plotting the course?

Seriously, who's with me?
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I'm not sure. It just sort of died. No one posted. But Leo can have the satisfaction of making the last post before it all fell through.

I also have another idea for this communi-tay. We could use this to discuss the prospect of what to do for a website, because it'd be awesome for KDP to have it's own website.

But the role-playing is good. I don't remember the stuff to log into this community anymore. I know you told us when it was first made but that was like, a year ago. It's not important, however.

So that's one. That's two thirds. Now for one more third and all shall be well. Though that may take a while, because SOMEBODY doesn't check into these things often. At all. And they shall remain nameless.

*Cough Cough*LEO!*Cough cough*
c'mon let's do this thing!