Locke (bewarethecows) wrote in kdp_airship,

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holy...that thing is huge! more importantly, WHATS WITH MY MAGIC!?!?!

Locke shook his head as he quickly grabbed the stuff that really mattered, his blue flying V guitar, a couple of paper-like objects which he hurriedly put away before anyone could see them, and weapons which he put into a backpack sitting on the floor, they seemed to slide right in even though they were bigger than the backpack, he snatched it up and put it on, before looking outside his room at the Vorc, blinking before speaking, "Two things, One...is that thing with, or against us? two...WHATS UP WITH MY MAGIC?!"

Ertai let out small little sound before he jumped back away from the vorc, diving into the nearest room and watching it from the door, the door mostly closed. "That thing is...um..." he blinked realizing that hes afraid of something that he could probobly fight and win, he composed himself and stepped back out with renewed confidence. "Yeah, I'm with Locke though, if that was supposed to happen...Its on our side, right?"
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