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Where's the Vorc????

A child.. aged twelve years skipped through the town. The scarlet haired lad wore the garb of a pauper, a brown tunic, tattered shorts,and wooden sandals. The only sort adornment he possessed was the bandanna that was tied around his forehead, causing his floppy hair to fall to the sides of his head. The kid walked up to one of the many shops that littered the marketplace. He bumped into a girl holding a cage walking out of a shop but he seemed not to care. He entered a shop, dark though the sun was blazing outside, with myriad candles providing the only light. He took no heed of the strange contraptions and bottles that littered the shelves but rather walked straight the the elderly merchant that loomed over the counter.
The merchant was an aged man, with eyes like slits and a long sharp beard. He wore a golden hat with no brim which two golden antennae like protrusions emerged. The culmination of all these features made him appear more like an overgrown beetle than a man.
The young boy walked over to the old man and asked him, "Can I play with the Vorc?"
The corner of ther merchant's lips curled in a cruel smile, "I'm afraid he has been sold to a young woman who left this store not to long ago."
"She seemed quite insistent on taking it." He added. The boy's eyes widened. The vorc had been its only friend, everyday after school he would skip to the strange old shop and play with it and keep it company. They were both a miserable and lonely pair, and you know what they say, misery loves company. He screamed out in anger and suddenly he began to glow, his eyes glazed over with crimson and his entire form seemed to shake with anger. The shop itself began to tremble with the rage, and a loud noise like clashing metal filled the shop. Bottles fell from their shelves and machines off their racks.
As soon as he calmed down, with a single tear rolling down his cheek he asked the man, "w-who was it?"
"It was that girl, who you bumped into on your way in."
"..." He turned around and bolted for the door.
The merchant grinned.
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