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My Gods! That thing is ugly!

Ertai looked at the caged thing for a moment, before he blurted out, "MY GODS! THAT THING IS UGLY!!!" he paused before he started speaking again, "Yeah I beleive so, I'm Ertai Beoulve, I had been on the Airship for a little while I'm one of Locke's friends! What is that..."He pointed a finger at it, seeming a little squeemish about it, "...thing for?" He paused and spoke again, "and goddesses too, Its just that is a little harder to say! No offense of course Ehloana!"

Locke rushed forward and swung his sword downward at one of the parasites, and then across at another one that had tried to jump at him from the side, "I'll teach you things a lesson!" He sliced as more and more started to pour out of the hole he had made, "Crap! theres gotta be a way!" He jumped back and held his free hand out towards it as light energy started to form as it shot out in a burst towards the parasites, tossing several of them across the room, one into a console and another one up at the ceiling, while three others simply halted in their tracks and exploded, another imploded before exploding, and two more popped out of existance. "Well that was interesting..."
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